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GPG keys update, 2013

2013 Jun 25

Here are my GPG keys, current as of 2013.

My Master Signature Key is used only for signing keys and collecting signatures. If you wish to sign my key, please use this one. Please verify the fingerprint with me in person before signing it, of course.

    pub   4096R/D8D9E1FD 2008-11-09
    uid   David Alexander Wolfgang Soergel (Master Signing Key -

This is my Daily Use Key, to which emails should be encrypted, and with which emails from me will be signed:

    pub   4096R/191C21C3 2013-06-27 [expires: 2018-06-26]
    uid   David Soergel (

Because my Daily Use Key is signed with my Master Signature Key, it is not necessary or useful for anyone else to sign it directly. Just import both of the keys, update your trustdb, and all should be well.

In the past, I kept a Backup Key, in addition to the Daily Use Key, but with the same properties. It was used for encrypting backups that I store in the cloud. I no longer see the point of doing that; I'll just encrypt backup with my Daily Use Key. That key identifies me, and only I may decrypt my backups.

These old keys have expired:

See also: Thoughts on GPG key management.